Interdisciplinary artist | lives and works in Essen

Since 2019 Guest Student at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Prof. Marcel Odenbach

2013-2017 Study of Sculpture/Plastic with Prof. Milo Köpp and Prof. Yevgeniya Safronova at the HBK Essen | B.F.A. of Fine Arts

Projects in Selection

2020 Curatorial Project | Neuland Projektraum | Bochum

2020 Scholarship | Places Festival | Creative Place Residency | Gelsenkirchen

2019 Data Cell | Gallery plan.d.| Düsseldorf | in cooperstion with the die digitale festival (Solo Show)

2019 Scholarship | Concept of a VR Creation | jfc Medienzentrum | Cologne

2019 Contemporary Art Ruhr | Photo | Media Art Exhibition

2019 REAL_DIGITAL | gallery no. 15 | Cochem (Solo Show)

2018 FutureLab | Ready VR Artists | Residency Program

2018 Nomination Art Prize SchlossGalerie | Kunstverein Rastatt

2018 EinBlick | Kunstverein Solinger Künstler | Solingen

2017 Aufzeichnungen | Gallery AUF | Essen (Solo Show)



Interdisciplinary artist | lives and works in Essen

studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf art/stage design, master student of Prof. Karl Kneidl stage design assistance at the Luzerner Theater, Switzerland

Projects in Selection

2020 group exhibition „Im-Puls“ | Galerie D’art | Oujda | Morocco

2019 group exhibition „Buttermilk & Lemon“ | Galerie Bertuchi | Tétouan | Morocco

2019 „Oper, Skepsis & Gleisbau - alles gut“ | performance and contemporary experimental opera | world première Maschinenhaus Essen | Germany

2019 Participation of the exhibition "Water Event" | "Peace is power" | Yoko Ono | MdbK Leipzig Germany

2017 exhibition participation "Zwischenverichten" and performance "Reflexion" | Mayor's House | Essen Werden

2016 "hands" performance with Sascha Bachmann (sound art) | Shaft furnace battery | old lime works | Museum Park Rüdersdorf near Berlin

2016 "It I" Performance with Radical Audio Lab. (Sound art) BauKunstArchiv | Dortmund

2016 Participation in "Punkt, Linie Fläche", Artistic Plurality Germany-China in the Kunstraum am Rhein | Düsseldorf

2006 artscenico Production "Schweißausbruch" | stage design and costumes | Theater im Depot | Dortmund

2005-2009 installations and equipment management for site-specific projects by the artist group artscenico (Opening "Off Limits Festival 2005" | Hansa Kokerei Dortmund)



Interdiscplinary Artist | lives and works in Cologne

Study of Sculpture/Plastic with Prof. Milo Köpp and Prof. Yevgeniya Safronova at the HBK Essen

Projects in Selection

2020 Contemporary Art Ruhr | Art Fair | Essen

2020 unter Beton IV | basement | Gallery Obrist | Essen

2020 nichts ist ohne raum ist nichts no. 2 | Forum Kunst & Architektur | Essen

2019 Das andere Gesicht | Theater Filidonia | Wuppertal | Remscheid

2019 Kultursonntage | Hall Zollstock | Cologne

2018 Contemporary Art Ruhr | Art Fair | Essen

2018 5 th culture Weekend in Zollstock | Cologne

2018 nichts ist ohne raum ist nichts | Scheidt´sche Hallen | Essen

2018 Gublia Gallery | Spookymental Art Convention | Essen

2018 Contemporaty Art Ruhr | Essen

2018 Forum für Kunst und Architektur | Essen

2017 Leherer-Schüler | Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen



born 1957 | lives and works in Essen

Studied art at the University of Essen (major fields of study: Sculpture, photography and video) | Additional training as "Technical Assistant in Audiovisual Media" with the focus on camera and editing at Medienhaus Essen | Advanced training as 2D and 3D operator for film, TV and multimedia at the European Training Institute for Film and Media | Television (EFIFF) in Oberhausen | Employee at Offener Kanal Essen (OK43)

Currently freelancing in the field of video production (documentaries, videos for artists), art videos, dance and music videos, documentaries & experiments

Projects in Selection

2019/ 2020 Responsible for Video and Livecamera at the electronic opera [...alles gut…] Oper, Skepsis und Gleisbau | Shows in Maschinenhaus Zeche Carl | Theater im Depot | Dortmund | Platzhirsch-Festival Museum Küppersmühle | Duisburg

2018 Anniversary video for the 90th birthday of Lichtburg Essen "MeinESSEN" premiere in the Lichtburg Essen

2018 Videocollage for "Altenessen Oper" 40 years "Zeche Carl"

2012 "638 Kilo Tanz - Documentation"

2010 "Kein Wasser runterschütten" video project for the European Capital of Culture 2010 with Rolf Dennemann

2010 Video projection on the Sanaa building, Zeche Zollverein, Essen

2009 "Filmstudio" Documentation about the reconstruction of the oldest cinema in the Ruhrgebiet

2007 Documentation "Zollverein School" and "Kohlenwäsche" Zeche Zollverein

until 2007 cameraman at the ARD science program "Kopfball"



Dipl. Graphic Designer Born 1941 in Berlin | lives and works in Essen - Kettwig

Completed. Study of Graphic Design at the Folkwang School for Design / Academy of Arts in Essen Scholarship at the École Estienne, École Supérieure des Arts et Industries in Paris

2003-2019 photo tours to France and esp. Scandinavia, North western Russia (Kola Peninsula) and Finland (various observations and photo documentations of brown bears and wolverines), studies c / o SIIDA / Inari (FIN) for Saami music (Joik) and - visual arts Freelancer for text, photo and translation at "Kola Travel", in Monchegorsk, Russia Free interdisciplinary artificial. Work in photography, graphics, lithography, travelogues, poetry

2006-2015 Founding member and former member of the board of the association VzKW e.V., now "Freunde KUNSTCAMPUS ruhr" for Fadbk & HBK art academies in Essen

1966-2003 Freelance work for COFA (former BAYER / ITA office) in Milano Permanent participation in the Handelsblatt Media Group in Düsseldorf Freelance work for ECON - Verlag (Draft Book Cover), Düsseldorf Freelance work in freelance graphics (lithography, etching, screen- printing), in Illustration, advertising graphics and text, in set design and theatre photography, Freelance teaching in art at a community school in Essen Honorary. Teaching for calligraphy and stage design at the Waldorfschule Essen for linocut, calligraphy, set design for class play - staging



we are one human family.

senay is...

… a dancer, performance artist, ashtanga yoga studio owner, mom of 2 kids, survivor of multiple depression periods, childhood trauma healer, mystic with a deep love for humanity and our beloved mother gaia.

She works interdisciplinary, with a focus on voice and movement exploring the unseen worlds inside and between people. She loves absurdity and humor.

FutureLab, 3D Druckzentrum I COOPERATION

FutureLab, 3D Druckzentrum I COOPERATION

LAB DETAILS The open lab is available 24/7, we have all the equipment needed to support everyone's project. If we don't have the machines you need, we will find a way to access them. The main focus is to give technological access to artists and designers. We have the knowledge and technology to teach all interested folks how to solve their problems. There is also an IT infrastructure to get things made from inside and outside the lab with no own computing power. Furthermore we foster cooperation with other labs and institutions. The main fields of our activities are knowledge sharing, providing infrastructure, art and culture, urban development, educational programs, and start-up support. Our focus in technology is on open software and open hardware use and development. The focus of our social interaction is to explore new ways to work and live together. We test out peer-to-peer networking and clustering of competence. There are no limitations to access and use the lab. As we try to lower the hurdles to get started with any project, there are no initial fees or applications. Just join and get things made.

Website: www.3d-druckzentrum-ruhr.de

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